The aims and objectives of ASD Rainbows are:

    • To further the advancement of education by providing a service that will enhance the child’s progress by targeting specific areas of difficulty in an attempt to improve the quality of life for the child and their families.

    • To provide early intervention for children from the age of eighteen months that are displaying social communication challenges. ASD Rainbows will incorporate various strategies such as A.B.A (Applied Behaviour Analysis) D.I.R (Demonstrate Individual Responses), P.E.C.S (Picture Exchange Communication System) and Makaton to enable the child to reach their full potential. These strategies will target specific areas such as behaviour, speech and communication and rigidity of thought to enable the child to develop the skills needed to overcome these challenges.

    • To offer children a safe stimulating play environment in a local setting specifically equipped with trained experienced staff that will help address any sensory/behaviour challenges that may be a barrier to individual children developing their play skills.

    • Staff will receive input from Autism Fledglings A.B.A consultancy that will oversee these programmes and will assess the child’s progress.

    • To provide children with social experiences of a small group setting with opportunities to experience and develop their life skills through regular visits into the community.

    • To meet children’s individual needs and form close working relationships with both the parents and child.

    • To encourage independence skills/self-help skills that will enable them to function independently in day to day life.

    • To liaise with multi agency professionals e.g. psychologists, health visitors, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, social workers enabling us to implement any recommendations.

    • To work with families providing them with support and practical advice/strategies to help them understand their child difficulties and enable them to respond to their child’s needs. Parents will be able to access regular workshops run by staff and consultants where their child’s progress and targets will be reviewed.

    • To offer equality to all children and their parents regardless of their ability, ethnic origin, gender or cultural background, class or language.

    • To comply with all appropriate health & safety requirements.

    • To ensure all staff working directly with children hold current up to date enhanced DBS certificates.

    • To ensure all data and confidentiality is maintained to the highest standard.

    •  To help each child to reach their full potential so that they reach their pot of gold!

A.S.D Rainbows supports every child with autistic spectrum disorder to reach their full potential and therefore will reach their gold.

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